Our Story

Farm Security

Our mission is to provide our customers with honest and friendly service. We like to think of our customers as friends and treat them as we would like to be treated. In the same way, we install camera systems and towers as they are our very own.

We are a Saskatchewan owned and operated company and a dealer for Precision Cam (a brand of Allen Leigh Security & Communications Ltd), a Canadian company.

Precision Cam Logo

We chose to become a dealer for Allan Leigh Security because they were one of the few companies who service the cameras they sell. They have technicians on staff who repair and provide support if needed. 

TJ Mobile Sales and Service Mission

Who We Are

Jason Dempsey

Jason Dempsey

TJ Dempsey

TJ Dempsey

What we do:

Note: In the event that your cell communicator goes down, ALS charges a service fee of $85.00 for technician assistance, a fair price for the service. Most cameras include a one-year limited warranty.

Farm Security Systems:

25x Security Cam Cow Cam

Cow Cams

Cow cams will give you full access to your livestock from the comfort of your own bed.

3.6mm-Security Camera

Security Camera Systems

We offer a variety of different camera options. Regardless of the application, we have a camera that will work.

Implement Camera

Implement Cameras

We have various machinery camera packages available for single machine or multi-equipment monitoring.

Icom Radios


We sell ICOM Radios, ICOM products and will program/install at your place of business.

Tower Service Installation

Tower Service Installation

We will provide towers, cable, all-weather cabinets, lighting arrestor, RTK transmitting antenna as required.