Implement Cameras

Implement Cameras

Provide safety, improve efficiency and protect your farm machinery with an implement camera system. We install and service Canadian-made, Precision Cam Implement Cameras. We have various machinery camera packages available for single machine or multi-equipment monitoring.

Machinery Camera


Monitoring Camera System

Implement Camera Packages

Every farming operation is different, so we offer custom packages based on your farm, machinery and goals. Every package includes cameras with different options like zoom and infrared, camera mounts, cabling, a monitor for viewing the camera feed, brackets and necessary hardware. Below you will find some of the options available.

High Resolution LCD Monitor

7” & 9” High Resolution LCD Monitor
Allows you to view one to four cameras with a quad/split screen.


Waterproof and able to withstand temperatures of -25°C. They come in a variety of fixed lens for varying field of view from 42° to 136°.

Lens size field of view table)
Wired Cameras

Wired Cameras

Wired cameras are available in three lens sizes. Choose from a white light LED camera (allowing you to see colour in the dark) or a standard infrared camera (colour during the day and black & white in the dark). Standard mounting bracket included. Mag mounts sold separately.

Wi-Fi Implement Recording Camera

Wi-Fi Cameras

You do NOT require Wi-Fi in your yard. The camera has a built-in Wi-Fi network allowing you to connect and view it from your laptop, smartphone or tablet without having an LCD monitor in your cab. Available in infrared or white light LED and various lens sizes. There is even an option for built-in recording with an 16GB or 32GB SD card.

Camera Accessories

Camera Accessories

Need a longer cable? An adapter? We offer additional camera cables from 1.5m to 20m long, extension kits, tank wall plugs, CCTV and wiring adapters and even an 80lb magnetic camera mount for a less permanent option.

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